If you have been an unlucky victim of a motorcycle accident and are wondering how to go about the whole process of filing your motorcycle injury claims, then read on about what we at George White can do for you.

Bikers are more susceptible to serious injuries in the case of a road accident because they do not have the protective shell of a car and airbags to shield them from the impact of a collision or even a skid. Whenever, you have been involved in an accident, the first thing that you need to get for yourself is medical attention, once that has been taken care of, get in touch with a personal injury solicitor specialising in cases pertaining to motorcycle accidents. You would also be needing legal support to deal with all the post- accident formalities such as police inquiries, insurance claims for your bike and so on.

We at George White are avid bikers ourselves and have been working in this area of helping bikers like you with their motor cycle claims for 20 years. Having us on board with you will ensure that you receive the best of our legal expertise and experience and that you get the best settlement with the least stress so that both you and your bike are adequately taken care of for the trauma suffered. We at MAS understand how important the motorbike is for the rider and in all our cases we ensure that the damages caused to the bike as a consequence of the accident are not undermined.

Hit and Run

Being in a road accident is bad enough, but being in an uninsured or hit and run motorcycle accident is even worse. People who don’t even know who to claim against can feel lost and frightened and might think they don’t have a chance of ever receiving the compensation they deserve for their personal injuries.

However, there’s no need to worry – you can make a hit and run motorcycle accident compensation claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which was set up by the insurance companies to pay out in cases just like yours. If you were injured by a hit and run driver or an uninsured driver, it is very likely that the other motorist was behaving negligently to cause the accident and that you are eligible to claim for compensation, as well as pursue criminal charges against the responsible party.

Although claiming through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau might seem confusing and difficult, we at George White have plenty of experience dealing with cases just like yours, and we can provide no-win no-fee representation to you. If the police have not traced the person who caused your personal injuries, or if they didn’t have car insurance when they were discovered, just speak to us and start claiming for compensation.

Back injuries

Motorcycle accidents frequently cause back injuries and damage to the spine, as riders are thrown from the motorbike as a result of the impact. These can cause severe pain and suffering and even lifelong paralysis, and it is important for victims to start a compensation claim as quickly as possible so they can begin to receive financial assistance.

Our solicitors specialise in providing personal injury compensation following road accidents that result in back injuries to motorcyclists, and we have developed a range of services that help us to meet their needs.

We can help to provide financial assistance as quickly as possible when required, allowing motorcycle accident spinal injury compensation claimants to receive medical assistance, rehabilitation, specialist equipment and housing alterations as soon as possible. Our motorbike accident solicitors have extensive experience providing representation in spinal injury compensation claims and our specialised staff means we can provide you with solicitors that have succeeded in cases just like yours.

Back injuries in a motorcycle accident can also cause trauma and damage to other bones, muscles or soft tissue in the back, and these frequently result in considerable pain and extensive medical expenses and lost money. The size of your motorcycle accident back injury claim will depend on factors including the severity of the pain, whether there were any spinal cord injuries and the length of time in which pain or suffering occurred.