George White create the world’s first flying Superbike

Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hot air balloons and airships, carried out the first flight today of the world’s first flying Superbike, a hot air balloon commissioned by George White Ltd.

The bike will be flown by Lindstrand’s on behalf of George White who are using it to promote their support and involvement in the British Superbike Championships.

The George White Superbike balloon is one of the largest hot air balloons ever made. It is 37 metres high and 46 metres wide. It will fly at British Superbike events around the UK, subject to weather conditions.

MANY THANKS to all of you who attended!

We hope you had a great time and were entertained in typical George White fashion. We also hope you found the bargain you wanted either in the fantastic AUTOjumble or the all-NEW Mega Store or indeed in our bike showrooms when choosing a new or used bike for the summer.

We were delighted that the owner of the winning Superbike ticket was around on Sunday afternoon to realize she had won the superbike of her dreams!

Jane Wheeler from Southampton rode up on her trusty Suzuki GSX-R600 and choose a Kawasaki ZX-10 as her brand new bike. Lucky girl!

If you couldn”t make it over the weekend – fear not!
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