Have you seen the 2017 BMW G310R?

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we knew that BMW had a sub-500cc in their workshop and finally here it is: the BMW G310R. If you are not familiar with what this motorcycle’s specifications are, this baby is a very smart but also cool machine with a liquid cooled 313cc, DOHC, 4-valve single¬†engine with an electronic fuel injection platform. Designed to be an entry-level bike for novice riders or a lighter version of their beefier bikes.

It is claimed to have a 34 horsepower engine that runs at 9,500 rpm, backed by 21 pound-feet of torque at 7,500 rpm. With all that power consumers could be asking themselves what the weight of this motorcycle is? Weighing in at just under 350lbs the G310R resonates on the same frequency as most sumo wrestlers. Just to get it on record even the KTM duke 390 weighs 342lbs. Although the bike is lightweight it is a real beast for it’s small 313 cc engine. The single-cylinder, four-stroke 313 cc engine being very strong and manoeuvrable.

2017 BMW G310R 4Feels solid

The G310 is a very stable machine, mainly due to the fact it is based on a strong tubular steel chassis and of course with a bolt-on sub frame. The suspension of the motorcycle features a single-shock rear built with an aluminium swing arm, which also has an inverted fork to it. Not to get more technical but since the tilt of the cylinder to the rear of it and the single cylinder head that has been rotated 180 degrees lowers the centre of gravity and by that it shifts in the direction of the front wheel of the bike. And for those reasons the rider undoubtedly feels the ease and agility of controlling the G310R.

and looks good…

If you were to keep aside the technicalities of the G310R and judge the bike purely on it’s looks you’d be hard-pressed to find a better looking bike. The good looks in the motorcycle family of BMW unmistakably runs through the G310R. It clearly has the look of the S1000, which I think most riders will love. The fuel tank has the trim and roadster proportions, typically included in BMW design and is a very powerful eye catcher.

Moving on to the front of the bike, the powerful headlight – surrounded by its sporty headlight fairing, sits and fits snugly with the dash and surrounding features. The sporty look of the bike continues to the seating area with roadster dynamics giving riders a motor sport look away from the track. The wide tyres that come standard with the bike grip to the road in all conditions, which provides a confident riding style. The seat of the G310R fits all types and sizes of riders and of course definitely should mention fact is that the stability that the seat provides to the rider.

2017 BMW G310R 2The 2017 BMW G310R is one of the best motorcycles I have ridden this year. BMW state on their website that the bike will do very well on fuel consumption but also at the same time give you more than enough power to cruise comfortably. You’ll ride with confidence and control thanks to the awesome layout BMW has provided through of all of the control elements built in the motorcycle.