Head Injury

Riding a motorbike leaves people particularly susceptible to head injuries. By law, motorcyclists and pillion passengers are required to wear helmets, but despite this, hundreds of people sustain head injuries in motorbike accidents every year.

In serious cases, trauma to the head results in lifelong brain injuries, which can require lengthy rehabilitation or can prevent a person from ever recovering their previous cognitive function. This can cause emotional changes, mental health problems and paralysis. Even a minor motorbike accident can lead to significant head injuries.

If you have sustained a motorcycle accident head injury, you should speak to our motorbike accident solicitors as soon as possible. Our first priority will be assessing the extent of the injuries and providing immediate rehabilitation if required, and we will strive to provide you with all of the money you need to cover your financial losses and compensate you for the pain and suffering you endured.

We can also make compensation claims following motorcycle accident head injuries in which the claimant is unable to make a claim themselves. Our personal injury solicitors will aim to ensure the dependants of the victim receive the financial compensation they deserve and recover medical expenses and other losses.

Road traffic

The team at George White have dealt with hundreds of road traffic accidents, helping people succeed in compensation claims if they have been in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Typically, we make a compensation claim against the insurance company of the party that was responsible for the accident, although we also make public liability compensation claims against local authorities or businesses if they behaved in a negligent manner that caused the road accident. In compensation claims involving uninsured drivers, the payout is made through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

People involved in road traffic accidents can often be left significantly out-of-pocket. Serious injuries can result in expensive rehabilitation services and months of lost wages or even the loss of a career. Significant emotional and mental distress can result, both due to the trauma of the accident and the consequences afterwards. Vehicle repairs can be substantial and any damages to the main mode of transport can cause additional difficulties.

Many times, insurance companies can fail to take all these factors into consideration, or claimants can feel like they need the close, customer-focused, honest and sympathetic service provided by no-win no-fee personal injury compensation companies. We can help these people out, and pride ourselves on the high quality of our services.


Drivers can often fail to look out for motorcyclists, despite the fact that they are considerably more likely to suffer serious injuries in a road accident than other road users, with more than 5,000 serious injuries reported in 2011 alone. Every year, thousands of motorcyclists make compensation claims following a personal injury and we can help them maximise their payout and get all the money they need to get their life back on track or cover the losses they sustained.

If a loved one has died while on a motorbike, you can make a fatal motorcycle accident compensation claim, which can help you to deal with the financial losses you have to deal with as a result of their death.

Transfer your claim

You don’t have to stay with the solicitors practice your insurance company provided – if you want to use a legal team that will deliver the best possible services for you, simply switch solicitors to us! We make it as easy as possible to change personal injury solicitors and will happily provide you with a second opinion. George White provide free legal advice, and we will take your case on a no-win no-fee basis.

Perhaps you’re not happy with the way your motorcycle accident personal injury compensation claim is being pursued. You may feel you are being incorrectly held liable for the accident, causing your insurance fees to rise, or you might think your personal injuries are not properly being accounted for. The process could be taking too long, compensation negotiations could be stalling, or you may be upset with the treatment you are receiving from your personal injury solicitors.

While staying with your insurance company’s solicitors may seem like the easy option, you could receive tens of thousands of pounds more by switching solicitors to us. We have successfully increased compensation payouts for hundreds of clients and provide our customers with 100% of their compensation, so you won’t be left out-of-pocket.