Honda CB150R StreetFire Review

The Honda CB150R StreetFire isn’t the most glamorous of bikes but serves perfectly as an entry-level motorcycle for those looking for their first bike

Of course everyone knows of Honda, their origin and how reliable their motorcycles are. This bike is no different and features the flagship 150cc, four step, DOHC, four valve, six speed engine.

CB150R-Special-EditionOn the road

The handling and response on this bike I found surprisingly good for an entry-level motorcycle. The CB150R adopts much the same features of the more advanced CBR250R model, which makes it feel reliable and dependable underneath your body. The bike features the Prolink rear suspension system, which is able to deal with various road conditions and adapts ‘on the road’ to changes in weather. This makes the bike surprisingly stable and a very pleasant ride.

The thing I really noticed about this bike is that there were no surprises or little clicks that you can’t put your finger on, which I have found to be the standard when really pushing an entry level bike. Everything is very solid and stable. Which is just how I like my motorcycles.

The bike is a safe first bike for new riders

Of course this bike isn’t the fastest of bikes and this is just what you’d expect from a 150cc engine. The engine in question belonging to Honda’s flagship brand and capable of a maximum power of 12.5 kW or 10,000 rpm.

In real terms this means a maximum speed of about 75 mph or 122 kph, which is perfectly acceptable for most motorways and dual carriageways. The best thing about this for those that are buying this bike as a first-time bike for younger riders is that they can’t really go that fast, but they can go fast enough.

I found the acceleration on this bike to be perfectly acceptable and I even beat a few boy racers from the lights on the test drive I did. The official statistics for Honda say that this bike can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 10.6 seconds.

CB150R StreetFireCB150R Specs

  • Axis Wheels distance: 1288 mm
  • Lowest distance to the ground: 148 mm
  • Empty weight: 129 kg
  • Type order: Diamond Steel (Truss Frame)
  • Type front suspension: Telescopic
  • Type of rear suspension: Swing Arm with the Suspension Single (Pro-Link Suspension System)
  • Front tire size: 80/90 – 17M / C 44P (tubeless)
  • Rear tire size: 100/80 – 17M / C 52P (tubeless)
  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc, with the double piston
  • Rear brake: Hydraulic disc, with the Single Piston
  • Fuel tank capacity: 12 liters
  • Engine type: 4-Step, DOHC, 4-Valve, Single Cylinder
  • Bore x stroke: 63.5 x 47.2 mm
  • Volume measures: 149.48 cm3
  • Compression Ratio: 11.0: 1
  • Maximum power: 12.5 kW (17.0 PS) / 10,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 13.1 Nm (1.34 kgf.m) / 8000 rpm
  • Lubricant Oil Capacity Engine: 1.0 Liter on the Periodic Replacement