I love you Henry Rollins!

A Sunday evening entry? What the hell? I told you WEEKS ago that I was going to be making big changes to the site, including adding music on the weekends, but that has all been delayed because of issues I had with transferring my domain and my host being stubborn and me losing the energy to fight it because I was dealing with stuff at home. I plan on having these issues resolved this week, but I’m going to go ahead and add some music on today just because I want to, no need to wait it out.

Well, last night, my husband dragged me out of the house to go see Henry Rollins on his tour at the Keswick Theater outside of Philadelphia. I’ve had plans on going for a while now, but when Friday rolled around, I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable leaving my kids with all that has been going on lately. My mom came over to watch the kids while we were gone and did a pretty good job of following the obnoxious 45 page long list I left for her.

(#7. Wash your hands a lot. Not that you’re a dirtball who needs to be told to wash your hands. But, you know, just do it. Dirtball. Thanks! )

It was really hard for me to leave Boots, but he was 100% fine and the few hours out did me a world of good. It also made me wash my hair which had been in the same ponytail for about 4 days straight. Oh, yeah, my husband is a lucky man.

I’ve been looking around all morning for the specific usb cable that goes with the camera that I used to take pictures and video, but for some reason, it’s nowhere to be found. All I know is that it was here before my mother came and now it is gone. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to come between me and you. That, or she really hates Henry Rollins, which, duh, she married Ted Nugent, of course she hates Henry Rollins. I’ll upload stuff when I find the cable, but until then, I’m just gonna write about it.

I’ve always had this love/hate thing for Rollins. (If you don’t know who who he is, then shame on you.) He can be a major full-of-himself douchebag and I definitely agree that he’s responsible for changing Black Flag. But, he’s still Rollins. And he’s largely responsible for bringing the hardcore scene from LA to DC, which then spread to NY. There’s no question that if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else, but it was him, so he gets a lot of the credit.

Bla bla bla, Rollins Band, never my cup of tea. I think I own almost all of his books and have seen his talk show quite a few times. Sometimes he’s got something worthwhile to say, other time I think he’s just trying to distract himself from the lonely boredom of his own life.

I was really curious what his spoken word show would be like in person and wondered if I would regret going. But, I didn’t. It fucking ruled. When he talked politics, it was short, funny, but very non-judgemental towards others who might disagree. And he couldn’t resist throwing in a Bill O’Reilly joke or two. And you can’t not laugh at a Bill O’Reilly joke. Unless you’re Bill O’Reilly. Or Anne Coulter. If either of those being the case, I’m pretty sure you’ve lost the capability to laugh because you have your head crammed so far up your ass, your main concern is figuring out how to get oxygen to your brain. He also did a Christopher Walken bit that was fucking classic because, honestly, who doesn’t love that guy?

But besides that, he really spent the whole night just telling stories, mostly old ones of being a part of the punk/hardcore scene in the 80’s to present day. There are very few things in this life that can truly grasp and hold my attention in a conversation, but music is one of them. So, I’ve been on a punk high since last night, digging through MP3’s and listening to bands I haven’t listened to in a while.

I love being a punk!

As a sidenote, I want to add that I’m not just into punk and hardcore. I like all kinds of different music and am rarely embarrassed enough to hide any of it. So, I promise, it won’t be week after week of punk, punk, punk. That’s for today. And that of the like.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me what kind of punk music I would recommend for them. It’s a hard question to answer because someone who didn’t grow up listening to it might have a hard time accepting the really good stuff at first and are probably more apt to enjoy the marketable stuff. But, hey, give it a shot, and if you don’t like it, you can always go listen to some Michael Bolton. Seriously though, it’s worth giving a listen because of its relevance. Without punk, there would be no indie, there would be no emo, there would be no Green Day… wait, this isn’t sounding so bad, actually! (I kid. Kind of. )

Keep in mind, these bands are from a time when you didn’t have to be “pretty” to make it. Which is just another reason to love them more.

So, here’s the playlist I’ve had looping all damn day. It just doesn’t get old. Unlike Henry Rollins.