The all new 2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

Ducati’s Multistrada has been a defining product In terms of riding beyond the pavement and onto the dirt. It gave us an oppertunity to stretch out limits and helped us go beyond the beaten path. Now Ducati has recently launched its new Multistrada 1200 “Enduro” and its massive, in terms of specs , power and features. Ducati says it will redefine Travelling and Adventure and on paper it appears they might be right.Let’s get acquainted with the New Enduro:

The all new Ducati at its heart has a 160hp Ducati Testastretta DVI engine and a 30 liter fuel tank to quench its thirst and out of a total of 890 parts , 266 are brand new. The length has increased by 64 mm to 1594 mm along with aluminium side panels and a longer beak for more offroad protection with 50 mm taller bars and a newly designed seat makesnit easier to plant your feet down much easier. Seating position is 34.25 inches above and comes with a 33.5 inch seat option. The enduro’s pegs and levers are made of high strength cast steel. Also, the new suspension Provides 30 extra millimeter of travel,hence 31 mm of extra ground clearance.

Technical specs:

Power-160hp-117.7 kw@9500 rpm,


Engine-Testastretta engine withvariable valve timing,

L- twin cylinder dual spark, liquid cooled desmodromic

Displacement-1198.4 cc and 136 Nm @ 7500 rpm of torque.

Fuel injection-Enduro comes with a electronic fuel injection system from bosch.

Gearbox-6 speed gearbox , straight cut gears and chain drive.

Exhaust-Stainless steel muffler with catalytic converter and two lambda probes.

Clutch-A light action, wet multiple hydraulic control clutch.

As the enduro is meant for the best of riding experience both On and Off road its given a Tubular steel frame and Sachs suspension with electronic compression adjustment with DSS (Ducati Skyhook Suspension) at the front USD forks as well as the rear suspension unti. The front 3″*19″ tubless spoked wheel is of light alloy amd comes with a Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyre.Whereas the rear end has a 4.50″*17″ light alloy spoked wheel and both the wheels are equipped with hight end Brembo ABS brakes.

Like the previous model this Strada also has a wide array of electronics to assist the rider in varios conditions and provide unparalleled stability . The new Strada comes with four packs -Touring pack, Sport pack,Enduro pack and Urban pack. each has different settings for the type of surface that you ride on. It also comes in three colors- red, white and silver.

Review:Looking the specs and the amount of features , you may think its a great machine and you won’t be wrong. Its a great machine, its advanced and rider friendly and you can do pretty much anything and evrything with it on the road. It gives you the power to break free of the limits Of the tarmac and go beyond. Although its on the heavy side as far as weight goes but the electronic stability programme makes up for it and you get one hell of a riding experience. All in all Ducati seems to be on the right path, a path less traveled.

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