Vehicle shipping

Shipping & Exporting:

We have many years experience in dealing with our overseas customers and are therefore experts in handling all aspects of shipping your vehicles to any country or port worldwide. We currently export to all parts of Africa, Europe & The Middle East. We have strong relationships with shipping agents who we have worked with for years.

Shipping Quotes:

When you have chosen your vehicle we will be happy to provide you with a shipping quote from any Southern UK port to the destination port of your choice. With the help of our preferred shipping agents we will try our very best to get back to you the same-day, or otherwise within 24 hours, with a confirmed shipping cost for your vehicle, including delivery to a Southern UK port if this is required.

We can also usually provide a good shipping estimate straight away to help with your planning.

Other Services:

We can provide a price to include one or all of the following:

  • Secure Loading of Additional Vehicles (i.e. car/minibus)
  • Delivery to UK Docks
  • Shipping to Major Ports Worldwide
  • DHL Air Shipment for all Documentation

Frequent Countries & Ports We Quote For:

  • France – Dunkirk
  • Belgium – Zeebrugge
  • Holland – Rotterdam
  • Finland – Hamina
  • Estonia – Tallin
  • Georgia – Poti
  • Egypt – Alexandria
  • Sierra Leone – Freetown
  • Ghana – Tema
  • Namibia – Walvis Bay
  • South Africa – Durban
  • Maputo – Mozambique
  • Tanzania – Dar Es Salaam
  • Kenya – Mombasa
  • Mauritius – Port Louis

Autotheft Insurance

  • Auto Theft Protect is a unique coding system that protects your vehicle from thieves
  • A code is permanently etched on to your vehicles windows by your dealer and cannot be removed
  • The code, as unique as your fingerprint, makes your vehicle 55% less likely to be stolen
  • If an Auto Theft Protect coded vehicle is taken, it is 50% more likely to be recovered.
  • We are so confident with this system that if your vehicle is stolen and deemed a total loss, Auto Theft Protect product guarantee will give you up to £10,000 towards the purchase of your next vehicle from the original supplying dealer.


£2000 Per Claim


12 Months £345 or £30.66 per month x 9 months

24 Months £495 or £44.00 per month x 9 months

36 Months £595 or £52.88 per month x 9 months

Upgrade to the GOLD WEAR & TEAR cover

12 Months £495 or £44.00 per month x 9 months

24 Months £695 or £61.77 per month x 9 months

36 Months £895 or £79.55 per month x 9 months