How To Spot Faulty Motorbike Repairs

All bike owners certainly have come across different and even recurring problems with their motorcycles. Some of these motorbike problems are serious, while some are actually minor ones. But no matter how simple or extreme such problems are, there is always a need for riders or bike owners to take their machines to a reliable motorcycle repair shop. These shops are expected to have the right tools and expert mechanics to offer them satisfactory motorbike repairs. However, not all repair shops can really guarantee perfection in the services they offer. This is a sad truth that every bike owner should know and prepare for. So how would you actually know if the repairs done to your machine are insufficient or ineffective?

Common Faulty Motorcycle Repairs

Carburetor Tuning – during a motorcycle tune-up, it is the job of the mechanic to place the right A/F setting in your bike. However, if you still feel low performance from your engine even after the repair, you may suspect that the carburetor wasn’t adjusted properly.

Drum Brakes – one of the most basic and essential parts of motorcycle tune up or maintenance is the checking of the brakes. If you feel your brakes are not working well, there must be something that was missed during the repair. One sign of really bad motorbike tune-up is a pair of still dirty brake pads. The dust build up in these pads is the main cause of weak braking.

Starter Relay – the starter relay is the part of the electric system responsible for giving current to the starter. If you could hear a mere “tick” sound out of the starter as you press the button, but you have a new battery, chances are the starter relay is failing. This should also be detected during the tune up of your bike.

Chain Slack – tightening of the chain is among the most basic yet often overlooked motorbike repairs. One undesirable effect of a slacking chain is the reduced acceleration of the motorcycle. In case you hear noise from the chain or the chain cover, then you should just grease or tighten the chain on your own.

What You Should Remember

If you want your motorcycle to be with you for many years to come, it is important that you pay enough attention to its needs. Here are some of the things you can do on your own to maintain the quality of your bike.

– Warm Ups. Make sure that you properly warm up the engine before you even get on the road.

– Look at the Tire Pressure. Remember to check your tires for any signs of low pressure at least once every month.

– Keep Your Chains Clean. If you feel there is some kind of chain looseness or noise, you simply have to get it tightened and greased.

– Routine Maintenance. Don’t forget that there are many motorcycles that have a service interval of approximately 2,500 kms. During this interval, make sure that you take your bike to a reliable service center to have the necessary tune ups or motorbike repairs. This way, you will be able to avoid any problems caused by poorly maintained motorbikes.

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