Honda Motorcycles

Japan’s most popular export, Honda has a bike that will appeal to everyone

Once the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, Honda started making motorcycles in the 1940’s becoming the largest manufacturer of the 2-wheeled vehicles by 1959.

Honda’s  first commercial bike and the motorcycle that started it all for the company was the D-type, which later went on to be sold under the ‘Dream’ name. This was the first complete motorcycle produced by Honda, with both the frame and the engine being produced in their factories in Japan.

Started by the now legendary Soichiro Honda, Honda has seen various amalgamations of the brand and ownership. Over the years there have been ups and downs for Honda, howver, they remain strong within the motorcycle market and continue to innovate alongside their great engineering experience and skill.

The Honda Dream today

Honda Racing Corporation

Formed in 1982 the Honda Racing Corporation is the motorcycle arm of what has become a predominantly engine based manufacturing company, using this division of the company to invest and innovate in the world of motorcycle sport and racing.

Within the motorcycle sport world Honda has claimed numerous world championships, including six in the Motocross World Championships and eight titles in the World Enduro Championships, most recently with Mika Ahola from 2007 to 2011 in consecutive championship wins.


Honda continues to innovate within the industry and have led the way in terms of renewed investment in testing, technologies and engineering.
With the bikes on offer from Honda you get a combination of urban styling and contemporary racing performance. Every motorbike fan should own a Honda at one stage in their life.